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US Residential Homeowners

SunEdison and its US affiliates no longer provide Residential Services in the US. SunEdison has either sold or assigned its residential systems and contracts to various third parties or has otherwise rejected its contracts through the applicable Bankruptcy Court processes. As a result, if you leased a system from SunEdison or have a system previously supported by SunEdison or its affiliates, you will need to contact the current owner (if the system and contracts were sold or assigned). If you have not been contacted by the current system owner or if the contracts associated with your system were rejected and you have questions, please contact the following email address. Please provide your full name and the associated property address in your email.

Pursuant to the Plan, the SunEdison GUC/Litigation Trust was formed for the benefit of allowed general unsecured claimants and second lien claimants. The purpose of the trust is to marshal the trust's assets, administer and reconcile claims, prosecute and settle litigation claims and make distributions to allowed claimants. All documents and information relating to the SunEdison GUC/Litigation Trust can be accessed by clicking this link: SunEdison GUC/Litigation Trust Website.