SunEdison Makes Sustainability Painless and Profitable.

Sustainable Energy for Power Companies

Utilities face unique pressures to increase the use of sustainable energy generation resources. Federal and state regulators are increasingly requiring the use of clean, renewable energy sources, while customers are demanding that utilities provide more sustainable and responsible energy options.

The challenge for utilities is to implement sustainability initiatives while also maintaining competitive rates and efficient operations. Sustainability programs need to deliver high performance, low cost and minimal disruption to existing operations. SunEdison understands this critical balance, and we've designed our solar energy solutions to deliver on all fronts.

SunEdison is experienced in helping utilities to affordably and effectively add renewable solar energy to their portfolios. Our approach is innovative, agile and flexible; we work with our utility partners until the job is done, helping utilities to manage variability and maximize solar energy generation. We bring industry-leading expertise to development, deployment and integration of solar solutions.

Sustainability Matters - Case In Point:

Lakeland Electric and SunEdison teamed up to implement one of the largest utility-sponsored solar programs per metered customer in the U.S. Lakeland sought to meet customers' increasing needs for electricity and do it in a way that is both fiscally and environmentally friendly.

They laid out a long-term plan with SunEdison to integrate 24 megawatts of solar capacity into its energy mix by 2018 with a combination of both roof-mount and ground-mount solar installations. Their system will produce enough zero-emission solar electricity over 20 years to offset nearly 807 million pounds of carbon dioxide and sustain approximately 7,200 homes with clean, environmentally-friendly energy.

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