Why SunEdison?

Experience You Can Trust with Utility Solar Projects.

Solar Benefits for Power Companies

Our Utility Solar Program offers utilities flexible options to incorporate renewable energy into their existing portfolios. We'll work with you to craft a program that considers all aspects of rate design and impact, capacity valuation, energy valuation, grid integration value, transmission and distribution system cost avoidance. Our approach ensures we capture both value to rate payers and investors through asset ownership.

We apply our unmatched expertise to deliver customized solutions that best fit our utility customers' needs. We were the first solar company to develop a utility-scale solar plant in the U.S.  To date we have developed, own, or operate more than 60 utility-scale solar power plants around the world, and deliver more than 500 MW of solar energy capacity.   Examples include:

We have worked with some of the world's leading utilities to help them meet their generation and compliance needs, and we apply that experience to deliver best practices for other customers. With our experience and flexibility you can be assured that we make integrating solar into your portfolio fast, cost-effective and policy-friendly.  

What's more; SunEdison has vast experience with U.S. state Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC). We know state-by-state requirements and options, and we build solar solutions to directly address them. We also have extensive relationships with the institutions that buy and sell SRECs, and can help utility customers in monetizing these credits when applicable.

Our experts are also keeping a close eye on the issues that will impact the solar industry in the years to come, such as utility grid investment, taxation on carbon emissions and increasingly-stringent environmental mandates.  You can rest assured that SunEdison solutions are designed and delivered not only for today's requirements, but for tomorrow's as well.

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