Investor Owned Utility Solutions

Sun-Edison is the Solar Power Services Partner of Choice.

Solar Power for Utilities

Delivering a solid return to investors while balancing the needs of different stakeholders is not an easy task. Customers and regulators demand low cost and reliable electric power delivery. At the same time, utilities face compliance mandates with renewable energy portfolio requirements or options to purchase local renewable energy generation. And that can mean increased cost.

In short, a real challenge. But smart deployment of solar energy can help to address these demands. SunEdison is experienced in helping investor-owned utilities to affordably and effectively add renewable solar energy to their portfolios. Our approach is innovative, agile and flexible; we work with our utility partners to structure solar project and programs to maximize value and meet their goals on their terms.

Our global experience enables us to apply best practices from more than 550 deployments to benefit all SunEdison customers, helping utilities to manage variability and maximize solar energy generation. We bring unmatched knowledge in helping customers navigate financing, regulatory compliance and solar incentive programs. Then we execute solar PV solutions with industry-leading expertise in development, deployment and integration. SunEdison customers get not only the most advanced technologies that best meet their needs, but also receive terms that are customized to maximize benefits for each customer's unique circumstances.

SunEdison Leverages Innovation to Drive Solar Costs Down.

We are also focused on driving continuous solar innovation to reduce costs and improve performance, thus ensuring that our utility customers get the most value from their investments in solar now and in the future. Together with our parent company, MEMC, we control our entire solar supply chain: from sand to silicon to solar panel to solar electricity generation.  This allows us to drive down the cost of solar and ensure our customer deliveries are on time, every time.

What's more, we have a dedicated Research and Development team and facilities focused on applied research and testing of emerging solar technologies such as solar panel efficiency, next generation inverter technologies and energy storage.

Solar energy is a great investment today and in to the future, providing utilities with a clean, carbon free, renewable energy source that can help to manage costs, and reduce the ratepayer impact of volatility in traditional fuel prices. While federal, state and local incentives support solar energy investments today, our goal is to be the first to achieve grid parity, helping to ensure that our customers see benefits today and in the years to come.

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