Transforming Education and Communities with Solar

Schools Save Money and Enhance the Curriculum

At SunEdison, we understand the transformative impact of clean, economical, and renewable electricity. That’s why SunEdison is actively partnering with K-12 school districts throughout our local communities. We are not only a leading solar manufacturer, but also a provider of solar technology and energy to customers of every size and type. We build on our rich experience and innovation to help schools unleash the potential of solar.

Solar for Schools: The Smart Choice

Outside of teacher salaries, energy represents the highest operating expense for school districts. And in most cases, it is difficult for schools to optimize their power use.

A solar installation from SunEdison is a great way to help schools take control of their energy budgets, with minimal risk and compelling long-term benefits.

Affordable and Predictable

Our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model makes it fast and easy for schools to take advantage of reliable, predictable solar energy without upfront costs. We can beat the rates schools are paying to provide immediate cost savings right away—and tremendous savings over the long term.

Improved Education

Having a living, breathing solar system on campus gives schools an exciting opportunity to enhance their curricula and build positive change in their communities. Students won’t just read about renewable energy. They can use real data from their installation to understand how solar is producing energy for their school and saving money.

Insight into Energy Use

SunEdison solar installations provide real-time visibility into their performance through the Client Connect portal. This secure, online dashboard lets districts view their solar energy production, and benchmark all school energy load profiles against one another. So they can understand who is using power, when, and why.

The SunEdison Advantage

SunEdison solutions help schools unlock a wide range of benefits from solar energy, including cost savings, environmental benefits, and an enhanced curriculum. We do it by building on our industry-leading experience and innovative finance offerings.

Learn more about how our solar services for schools and universities can help transform education and communities for the better