State Government Solutions

Renewable Energy without Taxpayer Risk

Solar Power for State Government

There’s no question that clean, renewable fuel sources are needed to power state government operations. With increased government focus on renewable energy and considerable support for green initiatives among citizens, it only makes sense for government agencies to lead the way in adopting clean solar power.

Of course, taxpayers are also in favor of wise use of capital funds, and with a myriad of projects requiring funding, up-front cost can be a challenge for government agencies looking to add solar power.

SunEdison has the answer, with fully managed solar energy services that deliver clean, renewable energy without the need for upfront investment. As North America’s largest solar services provider, we have the experience and the financing capability to fund solar builds of virtually any size. We then manage all elements of solar financing, deployment and ongoing management, while government agencies purchase the resulting power at predictable rates that are often substantially lower than other power sources.

SunEdison solar energy services are highly reliable, consistently delivering more than 100 percent of the power projected when a solution is designed. We’re also accountable, providing government customers with a Client Connect portal that enables direct review of solar service performance and energy delivered, so agencies can confirm the solar benefits that are ultimately serving citizens.

We also support local economies across the country, working with a highly trained network of contractors to develop and deploy solar solutions across the nation.

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