Commercial Partner Program

SunEdison Can Help Bring Your Solar Project Across the Finish Line.

Solar Commercial Partnership Program from SunEdison

SunEdison’s Partner Program creates new opportunities for installers and integrators. SunEdison’s unique approach lets solar partners leverage their market and customer experience while gaining SunEdison’s strong financing, procurement, and service capabilities. With these capabilities, partners are better able to bring solar projects to fruition, access state-of-the-art solar services, and grow their businesses long-term.

As a solar partner, you’ll gain access to industry-leading services including:

  • - Flexible financing options, including SunEdison’s Power Purchase Agreement
  • - Access to SunEdison preferred equipment pricing including aggressive future assumptions
  • - Solution design services and tools
  • - Legal and regulatory expertise
  • - Incentive and Renewable Energy Credit management support
  • - On-going monitoring and maintenance for optimal generation
  • - Marketing/promotion materials

If you are national or regional integrator or installer with 2+ years of experience, you could benefit from our Partners Program. Contact us to learn more about how SunEdison positions its partners for solar success.