Why Solar?

Lower Costs + Renewable Energy + Reduced Grid Dependence = Ideal Solar Solution 

Solar energy provides multiple benefits … lower energy costs, sustainability, reduced dependence on fossil fuels, just to name a few. But for any land owner considering renewable energy options, the real question is: "Why is solar right for me?"

With our unmatched experience delivering solar power solutions for a wide range of customers spanning industries and geographies, SunEdison helps each customer answer that question with a solar energy solution that perfectly matches its situation and needs.

Solar Energy Benefits for REal Estate

Financially, solar power from SunEdison:

  • -  Produces the most energy when most is needed.
  • -  Provides long-term hedge against rising energy costs.
  • -  Enables predictable pricing that is equal to or below retail energy rates.

Environmentally, SunEdison solar services:

  • -  Deliver energy with zero emissions.
  • -  Enable energy production that is unobtrusive and silent.
  • -  Can be deployed virtually anywhere that there is sunlight.

Socially, solar energy from SunEdison:

  • -  Supports national energy independence by reducing the need for fossil fuels.
  • -  Provides power locally, reducing the need for extensive "grid" infrastructure.
  • -  Creates jobs for the local economy.

Learn more about SunEdison's approach to delivering the most from your solar initiative.