SunEdison Navigates Financing and Incentives to Maximize Solar Returns for Customers.

To maximize the benefits of solar energy, advanced technology must be matched with optimal financing and incentives. SunEdison applies unmatched industry expertise to manage the complexity of financing for land owners. Our strong financial relationships and deep knowledge of federal, state and local tax incentives enables us to ensure that each customer receives maximum return from solar energy. 

Solar Financing and Incentives for Real Estate

SunEdison helps each customer to navigate the wide array of available incentives, including:

  • - Federal investment tax credits
  • - State tax credits and incentives
  • - Local rebate programs (PBIs, etc.)
  • - Renewable energy credits
  • - Other programs

Additionally, SunEdison's groundbreaking Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solutions can enable customers to realize cost savings with no up-front cost. Under these agreements, SunEdison deploys and manages solar solutions, and the customer agrees to purchase the power generated at a substantial savings over other power sources. Our PPA solutions can enable customers to realize savings even when they are not directly eligible for tax incentives.

While SunEdison invented the PPA, we also provide a variety of acquisition models - from cash sales to equipment leases. In some cases, we'll even rent your roof and sell power to the local utility. In every case, SunEdison professionals work with you to design the model most effective for your financial objectives and your unique property.

SunEdison's experience means that land owners can rest assured that they're getting the most out of the solar energy solutions on their property.  Learn more about the unique benefits of SunEdison's solar services.