Land Owner Solutions

Bright Idea for Land Owners: New Revenue Stream from Renewable Energy

Solar Energy Solutions for Land Owners

A little bit of land can make a big difference with solar energy. SunEdison regularly works with land owners to design and deliver solar solutions covering as little as five acres of unused land.

SunEdison's innovative combination of advanced solar PV technologies and flexible financing options make it easy for land owners to realize new revenue. As a matter of fact, SunEdison handles all the complexity of solar deployment and management; all land owners need to do is collect the revenue.

It works like this: SunEdison rents your land for placement of photovoltaic equipment. We deploy and maintain the equipment, and sell the resulting energy. If you choose, you can purchase solar energy from SunEdison at substantially lower rates than other energy sources, while also taking advantage of renewable energy credits and other incentives.

A global leader in solar energy services and technology, we have created innovative and effective solar programs for more than 550 organizations, delivering more than 500 megawatts of clean power while employing a wide range of financing and installation options to fit individual customer needs.

Learn more about how your land can deliver both financial and environmental benefits.