Why SunEdison?

SunEdison Makes Solar Make Sense for Retail Businesses.

Commercial Solar Benefits

Solar energy provides multiple benefits…lower energy costs, sustainability, reduced dependence on fossil fuels, just to name a few. But for any commercial retail business considering renewable energy options, the real question is: "Which solar solution is right for me?"

With our unmatched experience delivering solar power solutions for a wide range of customers spanning industries and geographies, SunEdison helps each customer answer that question with a solar energy solution that perfectly matches its situation and needs.

We deliver solar success in three phases:

  1. Analysis, Design and Construction: We conduct an on-site assessment of your energy needs and your roofs' solar production potential. From that assessment, SunEdison designs a photovoltaic power system that utilizes the latest technologies, materials and designs to optimize solar energy production.

  2. Certification and Operation: We manage the complete renewable power certification process and perform testing to identify baseline use and savings. We then activate your system and generate clean, renewable energy from the sun.

  3. Monitoring and Maintenance: Using state-of-the-art, technology, we continually monitor and control system performance. When needed, we deploy certified technicians quickly to keep systems running at optimal levels. And, customers can check in on the performance of their solar energy service via SunEdison's Client Connect portal.

Learn more about the solar successes achieved by SunEdison customers.