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Businesses are Reaping the Rewards of SunEdison Solar Services.


Cost savings. Sustainability. Renewable energy mandates. Whatever the goal, SunEdison has helped organizations like yours realize their solar objectives. Learn more about the experiences of SunEdison customers:


Kohl's Department Stores

The SunEdison solution is a great partnership between retail businesses and green power. They enable the implementation of solar through their Solar Power Services Agreement that otherwise would be very capital instensive. Everyone wins."

- June Fischer, Senior Manager of Environmental Strategies

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Sea Gull Lighting Products, Inc.

"The ability to simply put a piece of equipment on your roof and reduce your energy costs while reducing society's need to build new power generation plants is a no-brainer. If everybody can do a little bit in that area, it's a win for utility companies, consumers, and the environment."

- Alan Hirsch, Executive Vice President of Administration

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Staples, Inc

"Working with SunEdison for solar power requires no capital investment and no operating or maintenance expense for Staples, provides power at or below the price for grid power, and helps us meet our environmental goals."

- Mark Buckley, Vice President of Environmental Affairs

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WholeFoods Market

"WholeFoods Market chose SunEdison as their solar energy provider because of the long-term market predictability, and what we are going to see in the energy prices in years to come."

- Tristam Coffin, Regional Green Mission Specialist

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