Industrial Solutions

Reliable, Renewable Industrial Power is a Reality.

Industrial Solar Power Solutions from SunEdison

Under the pressure of rising energy costs, more industrial organizations are seeking avenues to reduce overhead and/or generate new revenue streams. And many are turning to solar.

A global leader in solar energy services and technology, we have created innovative and effective solar programs for more than 550 organizations, delivering more than 500 megawatts of clean power while employing a wide range of installation and financing options to fit individual business needs.

SunEdison was the first solar energy provider to develop the solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which allows commercial and industrial customers to add solar on their rooftops and/or vacant land with no upfront costs. Our clients enjoy the bottom-line impact of purchasing solar energy from SunEdison at substantially lower rates than commercial power while also taking advantage of renewable energy credits. All of a sudden, sustainability becomes both practical and profitable.

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