Global Presence

The Payoff of World Perspective

Throughout the world, different regions and countries are in various stages of solar development, some with extensive solar adoption and others that are just starting to integrate solar into the energy mix. With the impressive growth that solar has experienced over the past several years, there is no doubt that governments and organizations will increasingly utilize solar for their energy needs.

Headquartered in Belmont, California in close proximity to Silicon Valley's technology and talent pool, SunEdison is a global leader in delivering solar power, with solar installations, manufacturing plants, and 39 offices located throughout North America, Europe and Asia. This broad-scale experience offers our customers an extremely important benefit: We understand what it takes to achieve solar success, from solution design to deployment to on-going management.  And we diligently apply the world's "lessons learned" to optimize each new deployment.

Moreover, SunEdison is an established global leader in silicon wafer manufacturing. We offer deep visibility into supply chain dynamics, which is a big advantage in the prediction of long-term solar trends and costs.

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