Company Overview

Intelligent Energy Solutions from a Global Leader

Energy Solutions from a Global Solar Leader

SunEdison is your trusted partner for innovative, intelligent energy solutions around the globe. We have built our business by putting our customers first, and focusing on addressing each customer’s unique solar energy needs. Through our integrated service approach, we partner with you, help you navigate your way through the solar landscape and offer uniquely tailored solutions and flexible financing.

Ultimately, we develop, finance, operate and monitor solar energy solutions worldwide, ranging from some of the world’s largest solar deployments to our residential customers’ rooftops. 

From Silicon to Electron

SunEdison applies 50 years of scientific research and manufacturing expertise to best serve our customers in polysilicon and silicon wafers. We are a customer-focused company with an extensive portfolio of over 750 patents and a world-class research and development department that we are utilizing to drive technical innovation in solar PV technology. Our semiconductor wafer products are the foundation for the technologies that entertain us, educate us, and connect us to each other.  Our solar energy solutions provide the electricity that powers those technologies while reducing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

SunEdison builds on a virtual vertical manufacturing process that seamlessly integrates with our energy services business. This benefits our customers because we have control over quality at every step of the process and we are able to offer predictable forward cost curve visibility to our customers.


Simplifying Solar®

SunEdison offers solar services that deliver predictable energy pricing. Our commercial solution removes complexity from the equation because SunEdison takes responsibility for building, installation, and operation of your solar energy assets. SunEdison also manages financing power generation, transmission and distribution facilities. SunEdison operates solar assets that generate and deliver more megawatt hours of electricity than any other solar energy services provider in North America.

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