Getting Started with Hybrid Solutions

A Tailored Solution Designed for Specific Needs

Our fuel abatement solar solutions deliver the security of reliable energy necessary to support business critical processes, while also immediately reducing the cost of energy.

Every SunEdison hybrid solution is custom-tailored to provide complete support for a customer’s specific requirements. Our systems are designed after a complete site-specific analysis. Each solution is designed to optimize fuel savings, while delivering 24/7/365 performance monitoring. And they are backed by our flexible finance options, monitoring, and O&M expertise.

SunEdison hybrid solutions provide:

Fuel Savings Up to 30 Percent —The SunEdison hybrid solution lets organizations transform the way they generate power, to unlock rapid cost savings and set the stage for benefits that will continue well into the future. This intelligent, highly integrated solution lets SunEdison reduce customers’ fuel consumption by up to 30 percent over the lifetime of the deployment.

Maximum PV Penetration—SunEdison solutions are designed to enable the greatest possible energy generation from solar components (PV penetration). Our intelligent controller harmoniously integrates PV with the genset system, delivering reliable and highly efficient power to the customer facility while lowering costs.

Transformed Business Operations—Our solutions can have a positive impact on the way organizations consume energy. They help extend genset lifetimes, reduce emissions and carbon footprint, and improve public perception.

In a tough economic environment, controlling energy costs is key to staying competitive. But it’s easy to get started with an assessment process that will clarify how your business could benefit from a SunEdison Fuel Abatement solution. Contact us for details.