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Spotlight on Solar Asset Management

SunEdison continues its commitment to ensuring its solar solutions provide a strong return on investment. Here are two examples of software services that help our customers monitor system production and help ensure optimal performance:

Client Connect video

This online portal enables customers to monitor solar system performance and generate reports that show system and environmental savings. Customer data is updated every 15 minutes and can be reported in daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or custom date ranges.
Client Connect aggregates all system data into a single report, providing crucial insight into: Solar production and operations data, Environmental data, Diagnostic data.


ROC Video

SunEdison Renewable Operations Centers (ROC) provide 24/7 monitoring, alert response, analysis and asset management services to ensure safe efficient operation of solar PV systems around the world.


Our equipment and proprietary software platform provides remote monitoring and control of solar PV power plants. It’s a key part of the SunEdison Energy Cost Optimization (ECO) architecture because it gives us full operational control of our fleet of solar PV plants.
Deployed on-site at your solar facility, SEEDS (SunEdison Energy & Environmental Data System) collects and transmits system performance data to SunEdison monitoring teams, as well as end customers. By monitoring building loads, it calculates the actual value of solar for building assets, allowing us to: Measure production, Create customized reports, Streamline billing, Ensure efficient operation and maintenance.