The worry free solution that may help you save money, meet your
sustainability goals, and even boost employee retention.


A complete solution for business


Engineered to perform

We design and engineer our solar systems from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies so you can enjoy new levels of performance and affordability.



Simple to finance

Our best-in-class finance team will create a customized solution that works for you. Whether it's a purchase, a lease, or a Power Purchase Agreement, we'll meet your needs.


Easy to implement

We manage everything, start to finish, and that includes working with your facilities team - or even your landlord - to ensure that the entire project goes smoothly.


Solar with

Zero up-front cost

Our finance team pioneered the Power Purchase Agreement in the U.S. It allows businesses like yours to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the up-front cost. Under a SunEdison PPA, we install, own, and operate the solar installation. You purchase the electricity it generates, typically at substantially lower rates than traditional utility power.

The benefits for your business are clear:

  • Lock in energy costs for up to 20 years
  • Enjoy steady, predictable performance
  • Improve your planning, budgeting, and forecasting




There's a lot to know when it comes to solar. From optimizing system design to utility interconnection, it takes an expert. At SunEdison, we've done more commercial installations than anyone else so we know how to do the job quickly and efficiently. That's just one reason retailers like Staples and Kohl's choose SunEdison for their ongoing solar projects.

Another reason is trust. Solar is a long term commitment, so it's important to partner with someone who knows how to maintain the performance of your system and ensure it is operating efficiently 20 years from now. SunEdison was founded in 1959, and today we maintain the largest operating fleet of solar systems in the world, backed by the industry's most sophisticated hardware and software monitoring platform. With over 190 trained field service technicians, we've got you covered.



for every business



Planning for sustainability is part of doing business today, and solar can be the foundation of your program. We design our solar systems to deliver predictable long-term financial benefits for you. In addition, we help you take advantage of the other benefits solar has to offer.

  Spread the word

We can help promote your sustainability efforts to customers and your community.

  Share the benefits

We offer employee discount programs that let you extend the benefits of sustainability from workplace to home - and boost employee retention in the process.